Welcome & Contacting the Author

Welcome to Book Group Selections!

This website is a simple blog discussing literary fiction. For several years leading up to the summer of 2014, I was primarily responsible for facilitating the monthly discussions of many of these works by a small book group in Portland, Oregon. (An opportunity to teach full-time lured me to Klamath Falls, Oregon where I require my English students to read literary fiction.) As a useful reference, I have included a page listing all of the books that were either read and discussed as a group, or by myself outside of the group. The intent behind providing the list is to provide some suggestions as to what you might find interesting to read whether you participate in a book group or are simply wondering what to pull off of the bookshelf next.

The opinions expressed on this site are my own unless I indicate otherwise.  In addition, the content is protected by copyright, but you are welcome to quote and link to this site so long as you follow the standard, accepted rules regarding proper attribution.

My professional background:  I am a licensed secondary teacher in Oregon with endorsements in Language Arts and Social Studies. I also have some experience teaching business law at the university level, freelance writing/editing, and retail book sales. Academically, I have graduate degrees in teaching and law.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thanks!

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